My Music

The Beyond A Dream album is a combination of contemporary jazz fusion with r&b flavor, which can be found on the tunes entitled "Just Like This" and "Real Love". Tony TNT Jones gives his listeners a little straight ahead jazz feel on the tunes "Basstranaut" and "Tutu"- (Can You Dig It). The smooth jazz flavor vibe-is on the tunes "TJ's Theme", "Pequinita" , "Night Song", and "Melted Dreams".  The exotic jazz fusion rhythms are expressed on the tune "Beyond A Dream".

Istanbul Party is a album with that European Jazz flavor which highlights Tony TNT Jones creativeness at its best. He composed, produced, arranged, and performs on this entire album project. Jones, spent several years in Turkey, and while there he emerged as a Superstar bassist performing in most of the cities in Turkey. The title track "Istanbul Party" is definitely a up beat track which will get the party started and people on the dance floor. The "Song of Istanbul" provides that freshness of being on a tropical island and feeling the cool breeze blow upon your skin.   

Wisdom Stick is a self-contained Contemporary Jazz Funk band. The track Wisdom Stick was composed and produced by the featured artist Tony TNT Jones. The band members are Tony Giles/keyboards & clavinet, Spike Horn/synths, Sultan Akbar/drums & vocals, and Tony TNT Jones/bass. The other guest artists' on this track are Robert Landham/alto sax, Steve Sampson/trombone, Henri McMillian/trumpet, and vocals by D'bra Powell, Al Chestnut, and Wali Ali. The Executive Producers - Jeff West /Heavenly Productions and Tony TNT Jones/TNT Jam Records.
The R.E.G. Label & Clearinghouse, Tony TNT Jones/TNT Jam Records, composer/artist/label, and JonKia Music-performance and production by Al and Ty Chestnut musically known as The Chestnut Brothers -"The People", is a lyrical description and expression of our current experiences in the world today.  It is a message that speaks to what the people are asking for, how they are treated, and what is needed. All three companies are about positive messages and social equality.
In A Sentimental Mood by Tony TNT Jones featuring guest artists V. Shayne Frederick, Jim Holton, and Justin Faulkner,
Tony TNT Jones' new EP is a true inspirational jazz  rhythmic expression of love and appreciation. The lyrics and musical arrangements drives his message direct to your heart. "Moment Of Silence" is a Professor Randy Gibson original composition performed by Tony TNT Jones.  The lyrics are written by Tony TNT Jones and Faye Allen Anthony with featured vocals by V. Shayne Frederick, La'Trese, and El Barak. "African Queen" was produced, performed, and lyrics written by Tony TNT Jones, Wali Ali Ibn, Jihad, and Kaleem Ali.